Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability Insurance, more commonly referred to as “Cargo Insurance” covers losses or damage to the commodities the trucker is hauling while they are being transported. Carriers are responsible for the cargo they control while it is in their possession. While operating under a Bill of Lading, beginning at the point at which the cargo is taken into their possession until when it reaches its destination and is signed for, it is the Carriers responsibility to take every possible step to insure the safety of the cargo.

In the event that a loss occurs while the cargo is in transit, the policyholder will be covered as long there are no perils or cause of loss specifically excluded in the policy. Cargo policies are written based on the actual commodities being hauled and are very specific. Cargo Insurance policies are usually endorsed or modified to meet the needs and exposures of the particular carrier for hire. Insurance premiums and deductibles vary depending on the commodities hauled. National Independent Truckers Ins. Co., RRG offers Cargo Insurance with limits ranging from $5,000 up to $250,000 with excess insurance being offered as well.

National Independent Truckers Ins. Co., RRG provides Cargo Insurance for various types of commodities including but not limited to General Dry Freight Haulers, Automobile Haulers, Refrigerated Food Haulers and Dump Truck Operations. We provide Cargo Insurance coverage for not only Interstate but also Intrastate Carriers. At this time we do not offer coverage for Hazardous Material Haulers.

National Independent Truckers Insurance Company RRG is an A.M. Best Rated Company.